Application Equipment

Hot Air and Infrared Tools

GREMCO North America features a wide variety of shrinking tools to provide for a high quality and economical application of heat-shrinkable products.

Our standard hot air gun HG3000 offers independent, continuous temperature and airflow regulation, as well as being lightweight and low-priced. Many different reflectors provide for the fast and easily reproducible application of all heat shrink products.

Infrared tools are designed for customer specific applications and are used only for solder sleeves.

Wire Stripping Tools

Manual and semi-automated tools designed for the professional stripping of MIL wires and cables guarantee completely damage-free preparation of the wires for crimping and soldering. Special stripping plates are hard-wearing, even when used frequently on tough insulation materials.

MIL-Standard Crimp Tools

Precision calibrated tool inserts for almost all contacts ensure perfect crimping quality for applications where high reliability is required.

Printing Equipment

A modern thermal transfer print process is the key to an economical and permanent marking of heat-shrink tubing made from various materials. Standard identifications, graphics as well as alphanumeric sequences (e.g. company logos combined with production data and serial numbers) are very easily produced by using a standard PC with a Windows based software.

Thermal Cutting Tools

These tools are used for professional cutting of plastic braided tubing. High temperature during the cutting operation cause the thin monofilaments to melt and prohibit the tube from fraying. These tools are available as both hand-held and tabletop versions.

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