Standard Wires and Cables

Temperature resistant electrical wires and cables for use in plant machinery and equipment under high temperature conditions. Lightweight, thin constructions combined with extreme resistance against most all industrial fluids and gases are advantages to their use in all industrial areas.

Very good chemical and mechanical properties, flame resistant, high temperature resistance.

Temperature Range: – 75°C to + 260°C
Materials: Tin-plated and nickel-plated copper stranded wires insulated with flour polymers like ETFE or PTFE.
Specification: UL

Halogen Free

Temperature resistant, electric wire and cables for applications in fire critical areas where the presence of halogens presents a possible risk (public transport systems, public buildings, hospitals, etc).

Halogen free, self-extinguishing, excellent chemical and mechanical properties.

Temperature Range: – 55°C to + 135°C
Materials: Stranded-plain copper or tin-plated copper wire with insulation of high-tech plastic materials, containing no halogens

Special Cables

Special cables for the connection of pressure and temperature sensors and their electronic control components. Connections in electronic measuring systems. Application-specific construction and design of multi-pore cables to customer specifications using high-tech components. Special cabling/shielding and jacketing techniques result in small dimensions, low weight, and high flexibility.

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