FITCOFLEX® Braided Tubing

Bundling and protection of wires and cables as well as hoses against mechanical wear and tear such as abrasion. Excellent flexibility of the complete assembly offers many applications in areas such as car doors, bonnets, boots, seats and so on.

Lightweight, highly flexible, outstanding abrasion resistance, high expansion ratio (3:1), flame resistant or self-extinguishing.

Temperature Range: – 55°C to + 150°C
Materials: PET and PA monofilaments
Specification: Various OEM specifications

FITCO® Corrugated Tubing

Protection of wires, cables and hoses under highly strenuous conditions. The application of corrugated tubes enables tight bends without damaging the cable bundles. Frequently used in engine compartments of motorcars, trucks and coaches.

Excellent mechanical and fluid resistance. Outstanding abrasion resistance, flame resistant or self-extinguishing.

Temperature Range: – 55°C to + 260°C
Materials: PE, PP, PA, PTFE
Specification: MVSS and various OEM specifications

FITCO®Therm High Temperature Protective Tubing

Protection of wires, cables, cable bundles, metal pipes, rubber, and plastic hoses against extremely high temperatures (e.g. in engine compartments, EGR applications). Good flexibility and expandability allow for easy installation.

Outstanding temperature resistance and flame protection. Excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

Temperature Range: – 75°C up to 650°C, partially up to 1000°C (fire sleeve)
Materials: Glass fiber textile structure with or without various coatings
Specification: Various OEM specifications

FITCOFLEX® Metal Braids

Protection of wires, cables and cable bundles, rubber and plastic hoses against mechanical abuse, EMV protection of cables.

High expansion ratio (up to 3.5:1), highly flexible, mechanically stable, flame resistant.

Materials: V2A, FeZn, CuSn, CuAg
Specification: Various OEM specifications

FITCO® Insulation Tubing

Electrical, mechanical and fluid protection of wires and cables. Piping of liquids and gases.

Excellent chemical resistance as well as excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

Temperature Range: – 75°C to 260°C
Materials: PVC, PE, PU, Silicon, ETFE, PTFE, PFA and FEP
Specification: Various OEM specifications

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