Insulation Tubing

FITCO® Multilumen Tubing

Tubing for catheters, dialysis, endoscopy. Finds appliance in urology/cardiology and drainage.

Reinforced and unreinforced. Sterilizable through steam, ETO or gamma procedure. Torsion stable and available with Multi-Durometer. Offer custom oriented manufacturing.

Materials: All common materials

FITCOFLEX® Braided Tubing

Bundling of wires, cable and hoses. Protection against mechanical abuse such as abrasion and pummeling while maintaining flexibility (e.g. electrical-medical devices such as CT scanners, dental equipment, monitoring systems etc). Simple and safe installation on temperature sensitive materials.

Lightweight, highly flexible, outstanding abrasion resistance, high expansion ratio (up to 3:1), flame resistant or self-extinguishing. Can be sterilized by all commonly used methods.

Temperature Range: – 55° up to 150°C
Materials: PET and PA mono-filaments

FITCO® Corrugated Tubing

Protection of wires, cables and cable bundles in high load conditions such as operating tables, mobile intensive care units and fixed installations (X-ray machines, NMR scanners etc). The installation of a wire or cable in corrugated tubing allows tight bending with no risk of damage. Primarily used in fixed position applications.

Excellent mechanical and fluid resistance. Outstanding abrasion resistance. Flame resistant or self-extinguishing. Depending on material, resistance against cleaning agents and sterilization.

Temperature Range: – 55°C up to 260°C
Materials: PE, PP, PA, PTFE

FITCOFLEX® Metal Braids

Protection of wires, cables and cable bundles, rubber and plastic hoses against electromagnetic interference in electronic interconnection systems (intensive care units, HF surgical equipment, HF therapy devices)

High expansion ratio (up to 3.5:1), highly flexible, mechanically stable, flame resistant.

Materials: V2A, FeZn, CuSn, CuAg

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